Every girl on the planet dreams about having silky and smooth hair. Whether they have a straight or curly or long or short hair, shiny hair always makes a very good impression. A healthy hair has an outer layer that has natural oil to make it look moist and shiny, on the other hand, a damaged hair lacks them, and it makes the hair unhealthy, dry and dull.


How To Get Straight Hair Permanently And Naturally At Home

It is possible to have straight hair permanently without having to go through chemical hair rebonding treatments in the salon. Those who are tired of the waves on their hair wish to have hair that is a straight tumble of black, is shiny and smooth.But to get that the only way out seems to be an expensive hair straightening treatment at the salon, one that comes with a manual of aftercare, wears off in under six months and is prone to damage from sun, free radicals and certain shampoos.What if you could straighten your hair at home naturally using common household ingredients, and get results faster and for long? Here we suggest an easy, homemade remedy to straighten your curls and get a healthy, shiny mane. The added bonus of this recipe is your hair loss problem will be over, and it will grow real fast.

Ingredients And Preparation

Ingredients: 250ml Coconut milk, 3 tbsp Cornflour, 3 tbsp Lemon juice Preparation : You need to first pour out the lemon juice in a small bowl and gradually add the cornflour into it as you blend it. Stir the mixture well to make sure there are no lumps. Now pour the coconut milk into a saucepan and put it over heat. While it is heating, tip in the lemon juice and cornflour mixture into it. As you add the ingredients keep stirring continuously..

Finally add the almond hair oil to the coconut milk paste. Keep stirring as you let the cream simmer. Make sure there are no lumps. In a few minutes, the paste will thicken, that is when you get it off the gas. Almond oil is a very important addition to the mask because it adds a silky texture to your hair as it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, magnesium and Vitamin E. Allow the hair mask to cool off for half an hour only then apply to your hair. Before applying makes sure there are no tangles in your hair as that can lead to hair fall. Apply from root to tip in a thick coat, covering every strand. Once done, comb your hair in a straight downward motion, this is to straighten the strands. Further, apply another coat of this hair mask. Leave it to dry for about 30 minutes and rinse off with a mild shampoo.

source : mybuddynow.com