Learn about the orange-based diet that helps you lose 9 kg in a month and stop cellulite Orange helps in the production of collagen and leaves skin firmer!

Want to potentiate the effects of anti-cellulite creams? Your solution may be in the fruit bowl: orange is a good ally in this process.

According to nutritionist Vivian Goldberger, the fruit has substances that contribute to combat cellulite. “Rich in vitamin C, orange helps in the production of collagen and leaves the skin firmer,” he explains. But that is not the only benefit of the fruit. “This and other citrus fruits have an enzyme, carnitine, which fights fat accumulation.”

3 to 5 servings
Eat three to five servings a day (a juice of three oranges eliminates three servings), Follow the menu that dries up to 9 pounds in a month and defeats cellulite.

Suggested anti-cellulite menu

1 cup (300 ml) of orange juice 1/2 apple hit with
two integral toast with 1 tbsp. (Tea) olive oil

1/2 papaya and 1 green peas

Salad of endive and American lettuce with orange wedges and 1 col. (Soup) olive oil
3 col. (Soup) brown rice
1 medium lentil shell
1 grilled chicken fillet
1 broccoli sauté only with olive oil and garlic

1 cup (300 ml) watermelon juice whipped with 1 cabbage. (Coffee) grated ginger 1

(shallow) pasta dish with carrot in strips, Broccoli bouquet seasoned with 1 cabbage. (Tea) of shoyu, 1 col. (Coffee) grated ginger and 1 col.

(Soup) of olive oil Supper
1 cup (300 ml) orange juice

Apple helps neutralize the toxins present in the body

7 anti-cellulite heroes

In addition to orange, check out other foods that help you fight the holes that appear in various parts of the body

    1. Brown rice
      This food contains fiber, B vitamins and minerals (magnesium and chromium), which promote the digestion of sugar and the functioning of the intestine.2
    2. Oats
      It is rich in silicon, which helps to strengthen the fibers of the skin and prevent the formation of the furrules of cellulite.3
    3. Extra-virgin olive oil
      It has anti-inflammatory action, that is, it fights the edema caused by cellulite.4
    4. Brown-nut
      food full of selenium, an important antioxidant that fights premature aging of cells.5
    5. Dark green leaves
      Like cabbage and spinach. They are great sources of chlorophyll, which helps improve circulation and detoxify the body.6
    6. Persimmon
      As well as orange, this fruit also cleanses the lymphatic system and detoxifies the liver.7
    7. Apple
      Fruit is a source of pectin, a type of fiber that neutralizes toxins in the body.
      To purify the body, try to take natural juices from vegetables such as celery and spinach

7 Infallible Tips to Lose Weight!

    1. Purify the Body Cellulite
      is not only an aesthetic problem, but an indication that our body is not working well. One way to combat it is to purify the body by taking natural vegetable juices, such as celery and spinach, before each meal.2
    2. Iron in the dish
      The lack of iron in your body, besides causing anemia, favors the onset of cellulite. Foods like beans and peas should be part of your diet.3
    3. Avoid
      Overeating Salt Reducing salt intake is an important step in combating cellulite. It hinders circulation and hampers the elimination of toxins.4
    4. Drink plenty of tea
      Sage, peppermint and tea-green help eliminate fluid retention and toxins. This contributes to the fight against cellulite.5
    5. Drink plenty
      of water Consumption of at least two liters of water per day is essential to combat cellulite. Water cleanses the body and keeps the body well hydrated.6
    6. Take care of the intestine
      Foods rich in fiber, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, facilitate movement in the intestine helping to cleanse the body.7
    7. Cook well
      Choose the preparation of grilled foods, lean meats and, whenever possible, eat raw vegetables.

source : idealreceitas.com.br