Do you want to get back into shape after your pregnancy fast and easy? Then you are at the right place because you are going to find out how in this article today.


We are going to share ShilpaShetty’s story today about how she managed to get back in shape after her pregnancy.

She said that for five months after Viaan was born she didn’t really care about her weight. She gained around 20 kilograms and because of that she wasn’t able to do some things that she used to do in the past. She realized that she needs to do something about her weight when one day she bent to pick Viaan. Luckily for her she had good trainer and she exercised for five and a half months and she managed to lose 18 kilograms.

She believes that if she can lose weight that anyone can. She wants to give advice to new mothers and that is that they should not ignore themselves when they get their child. All you have to do is to exercise for 60 minutes for four to five days in a week and to have well-balanced and healthy diet. According to Shilpa, mothers that use as excuse the fact that they do not have enough free time to exercise because of their children are usually lazy because she believes that because of the fact that babies in their first nine months sleep a lot, then new mothers can use that time for exercise like cardio or to visit a gym.

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