There is endless drinks, shakes or exercise routines that allow you to lose weight and lose sizes over a period of time. We give you 03 drinks. You may also like  Natural Syrup melts 1 cm of stomach fat a day.


Our body experiences the immense damage as a result of processed foods, especially fast foods.However, the organ that suffers the most is the liver . In case your liver does not function as it should, this will affect the other organs in your body, which will eventually lead to many disorders and diseases.

Hence, in order to improve its function, detoxification is necessary for everyone. The three drinks following cleanse your liver and fat and remove toxins from your body.

Turmeric drink

This beneficial drink will detoxify your liver, eliminate toxins in the gut and prevent any gallstones appearance.


  • ½ teaspoon turmeric
  • A little ginger
  • 1 lemon (juice)
  • ½ cup water

Green Tea Extract

The strong EGCG-extract of green tea can quickly detoxify your body.

  • The juice of half a lemon
  • ½ cup green tea (cold)
  • 1 plantain

The Multicolor Drink

If you drink 2-3 glasses a day of this extraordinary drink, your liver function will be significantly improved and the toxins in the body will be purged. It will also improve your overall health as well as energy reserves.


  • One medium-sized cucumber
  • ½ lemon
  • Pepper A bell
  • An Apple

Place all ingredients in blender and make this natural juice . You need to drink right away in order to enjoy all of your health benefits.

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