Nobody would like to get cheated on, right?  For every male, cheating is the kind of ruining their ego. When males find their lady entertaining one of her best friends or any old friend with some romantic touch, they get highly disturbed. They don’t want things to blossom between their lady and that friend.



Women are always better at lying than men, but even they show several signs that indicate that they are dishonest. This list will also be helpful for you in order to follow if something unusual is happening in your relationship.

Asking your day to day routine
If your women wants to know when exactly are you going out and when are you arriving, she may be planning to have an unexpected visit in your home. If this habit is new to her, you might want to come home early some day when she is sure you are busy.

When she seems to be preoccupied with her thoughts
If she is always thinking of something else and your conversation with her is not like it use to be, it might be a sign. In this case, women usually preoccupied their minds on how to end the relationship.

Non – stop nagging
If she always complains about everything, even a tiny imperfection in the relationship, she might be looking for a reason to break up with you. Moreover, she wants to make the fault yours when it will come to the break up point.

Tagging an individual with “Just a friend”
When there is a new person in her life and she seems very close to him, maybe tag it on the social media, like “friends or best friends,” look her expression on her face and it will reveal the intentions of this friend.

Doesn’t seem to answer properly in a confrontation
If you ask her directly if she cheating on you, it takes an expert liar to get out of this. Usually, she will keep silent for a while and try to think where she might slip.

Common one- hiding cell phone from you
This is the most common thing that women do when they’re cheating. It seems like she doesn’t have a cellphone and is always out of your reach.

Not interested in romance anymore
If she doesn’t like to be intimate with you for a while, it means someone else is taking care of that.

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