We’re bringing you another super-special recipe.
Her power is immense.
For starters, it will cause a strong detoxification in your body.
It will eliminate deposits of fat, cholesterol, in short, all the “garbage” that we put in our body due to bad eating habits.

And the most impressive thing is that, with all this power, there are only two ingredients and both are within reach of anyone, so easy to find.
We are talking about the extraordinary clove and flaxseed.
Originally from Indonesia, clove is widely used for culinary purposes, by transferring pleasant aroma and flavor to recipes.
But it has potential for much more than that.
Clove is rich in essential nutrients and essential oils for the body.
There are many benefits to this spice.
Clove detoxifies and improves blood circulation, favoring the whole body and stimulating immunity.
It speeds up metabolism, promoting increased saliva production and the fluids responsible for digestion.
This results in rapid fat burning.
The clove improves digestion as it increases the secretion of digestive enzymes.
It fights constipation and helps in cases of nausea and stomach discomfort.
The clove is also beneficial to the thyroid and therefore it acts in the prevention of both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, something very important for those who want to lose weight.
It also aids in the control of bad cholesterol.
And it is anti-inflammatory, helping to fight inflammatory diseases.
The other ingredient is flaxseed.
What explains the weight loss action of flaxseed are the fibers, responsible for providing a feeling of satiety and still aid in reducing the absorption of fat.
Flax is still rich in omega 3, 6 and 9.
The nutritional deficiency of these essential fatty acids can cause dysfunction of the thyroid and adrenal glands, increased blood cholesterol, dry skin, skin diseases, psoriasis, acne, difficulty healing, alopecia, weakening of connective tissue and joints, multiple sclerosis, hypertrophy Of the prostate and gallstones.
See why this recipe is wonderful?
But it’s not over: besides all of this, it is great for eliminating worms and parasites.
What are you waiting to get started?
Learn the recipe?

source : dicasetruquesonline.com.br