The number of women that are dealing with ovarian cancer is increased from year to year. The real problem here is that in around 80% of the cases, women discover that they have ovarian cancer when it is already in advanced stages and because of that the chances of surviving it are really low.



It is really important to discover it when the cancer is in its early stage so you can treat it faster and easier. That is why in this article we are going to talk about the earliest symptoms of ovarian cancer.

1. Feeling tired all the time – You are maybe dealing with ovarian cancer if you are feeling tired all the time without proper explanation.

2. Nausea – Indicators for ovarian cancer might also be abdominal pain, weight loss without proper explanation and nausea.

3. Flatulence – Bloating is usually ignored because there are so many reasons that can be the cause of it. What should never be ignored is the swelling that can resemble that of pregnant women.

4. Having pain during sexual intercourse – You should visit a doctor if you have pain during sexual intercourse, especially if you also feel the urge to urinate more often and/or you have pelvic pain.

5. Frequent constipation – Many factors can contribute to constipation, and because of that this symptom is ignored in most of the cases. Usually people believe that it is because of the bad eating habits or other reasons that are not life-threatening. But constipation can be indicator for ovarian cancer and because of that it should not be ignored, especially if it is combined with loss of appetite, digestive disorders and gas.

6. Irregular cycles – Women that are 55 years old and above are at higher risk of developing ovarian cancer and this has been discovered the latest studies. But this does not mean that young women are safe. The sad truth is that even girls that still haven’t received their first cycle are at risk of developing ovarian cancer.

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