It might not seem like an important thing, or how often you urinate is actually very important. This shows the degree of hydration of your body.


Dr. Neil Grafstein, assistant urology, responding to questions about the urine.

How often do you need to urinate?

There is no defined number of urination, but people usually tend to urinate at least 4 times a day, a maximum of 7 times.
If you urinate more than 7 times a day, there is no reason to panic. There are several factors that affect excessive urination.
For example. if you drink a lot of water, you will urinate more frequently. In addition, if you drink alcohol, coffee and other liquids, expect to
often go to the toilet.

Can we urinate frequently?

Unfortunately no. If you urinate 11 times a day after you have consumed two liters of fluid during the day, it could mean that
you have problems in the frequency of urination. Too often urination because of the sensitivity of the bladder, may be more urgent than
as needed. Dr. Grafstein TVRS that we can train our bladder.

Other facts about urine

– Refraining from urinating is not so bad, unless it starts to hurt
– Normal urine color is yellow
– Some foods can change the color of urine
– Asparagus can do to be an unpleasant smell of urine
– Urine is 95% water
– Fragrant urine is a sign of diabetes
– Urine becomes weaker as we age.