When we talk about leukemia, we know that it’s connected to medicines and chemotherapy, which make the quality of life very low. Here, we’re going to talk about an extract made of dandelion root and what it can do about people who fight leukemia. Recent studies have discovered that dandelion root is cytotoxic for three types of cells of human leukemia and kills up to 96 % of the cells after only 48 hours!




You probably wonder whether dandelion root really works. Well, oncologist Caroline Hamm has the answer for you. One of her elderly patients was dealing with myelomonocytic leukemia, one of the most aggressive forms of leukemia.

The chemo treatment didn’t give any results, and Hamm advised her patient to go natural. Her therapy consisted of dandelion root.

The regular check-up showed amazing results. The tea therapy improved the condition of this patient, and he didn’t do chemo. You see, dandelion root can really save your life.

Dandelion root tea affects cells instantly, and makes them disintegrate within 48 hours, which allows the formation of healthy cells in the body.

Dr. Hamm talked to Siyaram Pandey, a biochemist at the University of Windsor. He did a research on the effects of dandelion root in which he used blood cells of 9 patients. They all used dandelion root extract.

“In 24 hours, the cells had been killed. ‘It killed the cells very effectively; it only killed the cancerous cells,’ said Pandey. ‘The normal cells did not die.’”

Health benefits

Studies have found that dandelion root extract contains active compounds that destroy melanoma, prostate and breast cancer.

This extract has been long used in traditional treatments, and studies only confirmed its potential.

Make yourself a nice cup of dandelion root tea, and save your life.

source : www.healthyfoodandhomeremedies.com