In this article we will share with you a natural trick you can do in your home to eliminate the famous fish eye or wart in just 2 days! Learn everything here!



Take note, the fish eye is a wart, but not the only type, there are warts from other sources. One of the situations in which this virus appears is when your immunity is low. So, try to eat well to avoid crises in your immune system.


Check here some precautions that should be taken to avoid viruses that we talk to you:



    • When you do your manicure out of the house, notice if the material has been properly sterilized;


    • Avoid trapping puddles or standing water;


    • Do not wear other people’s shoes and you should always wear socks before you put on your shoes;


    • Also avoid using public toilets or walking barefoot in these places, such as swimming pools, locker rooms, among others;


    • Do not move with the hand in the fish eye, as it can pass the virus to other parts of the body through its secretions;


    • More, it can pass through sexual contact and also cause cancer of the cervix;



However, for your knowledge there are natural processes that you can use as fish eye treatment. Still, consult your doctor first, so that he can assure you that it is the right diagnosis. For, not all that appears, in the case of the foot, is fish-eye, they may be calluses, for example.


In this article, we’ll give you a hand and teach you a pretty little recipe to treat fish-eye:


All you need to do is:



    • sailing: 1 unit;


    • Garlic: 1 clove;



Now, here’s how to do it:



    1. With the peeled garlic, bring it to the candle.


    1. Put the garlic clove near the fish eye because the juice you release will be the treatment.


    1. Apply three times a day. You can also use on warts. If all goes well in two days it will be dealt with.



Extra tip: to relieve pain when walking and avoid back problems caused by manias to win because of the pain in the affected foot, we advise you to use proper insoles.