Helpful Tips to Breastfeed in Public

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Are you looking for helpful tips when breastfeeding in public? Here are some that should make mom’s life feel a little better! 

Choose Comfy Clothing

Opt for clothing that ‘you’ are comfortable in, and of course, those that do not bother your bub during feeds. There are so many options available today, in terms of style, in particular, when it comes to nursing outfits. Nevertheless, there could be one or a couple that you particularly prefer for your own special reasons. 

Whether you opt for button-down tops and tees, or simply loose and stretchy fabrics, you would make sure they are of the comfiest and most convenient type in terms of style, fabric, and design. You may even get a few custom-made nursing outfits too if you like, and it certainly wouldn’t turn out to be a bad idea. Make sure you take time off to shop for your outfits or to get them made, even if it means getting prepared ahead of your bub’s arrival or after. 

Choose a Good Bra

Nursing bras come in an interesting range, just like outfits do. Again, the type you choose depends entirely on your personal preferences and reasons. You might want to go for a super stretch sports style bra because ‘pull and stretch’ is just so convenient, or you might rather go for typical nursing bras that you can snap /fasten easily. Just make sure you have one of these on when you are out with your baby, which should make the whole breastfeeding business a simple matter. 

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Cover Up

It is you who decides whether or not you must cover up when breastfeeding in public. Even though there is absolutely nothing wrong in breastfeeding out in the open, no matter where you are, who, or how many are around, some moms still do tend to feel uncomfortable. In such a case, you may choose to use a blanket or so to cover up, or get a specially designed breastfeeding cover that many mums find handy, convenient, and super helpful in public!

Watch the Latch!

A good, firm, latch can save the day, and you know it! If you have to turn away to latch, then please do so! The latch is where some moms (first-timers, mostly) tend to have anxiety. If you are one of them, you know you need to focus on the bub even for that split second so she gets it right in one go. Thus, never hesitate to turn away to latch, you can get back to a normal, comfortable position as soon as she’s gotten it!

Know How to Respond

Always know that there could negativity and criticism around you and that you should always be prepared for it. Instead of feeling taken aback or embarrassed by public remarks and gestures, you’d rather be prepared with your response and walk away like a boss. 

In order to win in a situation, you need to know your rights as a breastfeeding mom and have plenty of awareness. It’s a topic that’s widely discussed, and it wouldn’t take you minutes to find and learn about what you should know!

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