Health Benefits of Coconut Drink

coconut water
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Coconut drink or water, less frequently identified as coconut juice is the clear liquid inside the coconuts. This should not be confused with coconut milk that is made from the flesh inside a mature coconut mixed with water. This drink has been consumed over centuries in tropical regions around the world.

It is said that this drink is consisted of water over 95 percent. Also, it is believed to have various health benefits such as healthy digestion, urination, semen production and many more. Coconut is considered as one of the essentials in the households of tropical countries. It has been traditionally used to treat dehydration. So here are some of the many health benefits of consuming coconut drink.

Reduce Blood Pressure and Stroke Risk

Bananas are considered as the best fruit which is rich in high potassium levels. However, it is said that just one cup of coconut juice contains more potassium than in a medium sized banana. Research studies have found out that a high potassium diet can support heart health by reducing blood pressure and preventing strokes.

Healthy Digestion

Contains magnesium which is a mineral that helps to maintain proper bowel activities and prevent constipation.

Aid post-workout Recovery

This drink is considered as an ideal remedy for post-workout recovery. It can also be used during a workout session because coconut water is abundant in several electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium. Such electrolytes can help regulate the fluid balance in the body, prevent dehydration and ensure proper muscle function during an intense workout session or in the summer months. However, make sure you fuel yourself with enough protein and carbohydrates after a workout as well.

coconut water
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Makes You Energetic

If you are sick, your body may lose a significant amount of fluid due to vomiting and diarrhea. Coconut drink can help you with hydration and balance electrolytes better than regular water. This helps you to regain your body strength and to lose the fatigue you are feeling due to the sickness.

Helps You Keep Your Skin Healthy

Your skin needs to be hydrated for it to be healthy. Skin can become dry, tight and sometimes flaky due to lack of proper hydration. Drinking coconut juice can help your skin with the daily hydration needs to get a radiant and younger looking skin.

Help Losing Weight

You need to boost up your metabolism if you are aiming to lose weight. This is why foods and drinks with high metabolism are essential. Coconut drink has more calories than normal water but it is considerably lower than other beverages like juice and soda. This swap will help you cut down your calories to help you in the process of losing weight.

Cure for Hangover

A little too much alcohol can make you feel dehydrated and foggy the next day. Therefore, keep some coconut juice in your fridge because it will help you replenish the electrolytes which may have depleted due to alcohol.

These are just a few of the many benefits of coconut drink. Try to replace your unhealthy beverages with coconut drink and make it an essential in your daily life to gain long-term health benefits.

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