Do you have a friend or a family member who suffers from acute respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis? Here are some tips to help you take care of them.


When a patient is suffering from emphysema or even chronic bronchitis, it means that the tubes that carry air into the lungs and out are obstructed, thus preventing the supply of air. When someone is suffering from emphysema, the alveoli in the lungs tend to be damaged. This is commonly due to smoking, and sometimes from pollution, thus preventing their lungs from being filled with fresh air.

The major airways in the lungs tend to become inflamed during chronic bronchitis. Lastly, if they have asthma, the interior walls of the lungs’ airways tend to get inflamed and become highly sensitive. This will result in making the lungs narrower, making the breathing extremely difficult when exposed to the aggravating factors in the pollution. However, do keep in mind that those who are suffering from chronic bronchitis have the tendency of developing other infections and the patients who are at risk of getting infections tend to have their infections exacerbated.


Encourage the patients to wash their hands on a frequent basis. You can also request the patient to stay away from others suffering from respiratory infections. Instruments such as Acapella Choice Vibratory Pep Device with Mouthpiece can be used for effective bronchial therapy. You should also clean any items that are used by the patient properly before re-using them. Remember to purchase easy to clean medical instruments as well. Encourage the patient to take a daily vitamin and consume a lot of fruits and vegetables with many nutrients that are necessary to improve the patient’s immune system.


The key is to reduce the pollution of air in the indoors. If the patient does not have an efficient central air conditioning system, it is the time that gets one. The central air conditioning system filters air and circulates the chilled air. Be sure to change the filters in the air conditioning system on a frequent basis because it is vital to get rid of all the irritants in the air.

Also, make sure that there is no mold present in your home as mold has the tendency to irritate the respiratory system. You should also wash the pillows, bed linen, the curtains, and carpets with hot water to eliminate any dust mites.


Focus on learning how to conserve energy in the body. Get the patient to exercise, and make sure that their muscles are at work and getting stronger in order to receive more oxygen. There are lung rehabilitation centers where you can admit the patients. These programs can be quite helpful and they can also teach the patients to breathe through the congestion and help them with drainage of the bronchus efficiently. This will also help the patient regain energy.