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Whether it’s Christmas that’s around the corner or a number of birthdays, all falling around the same time, you need to get started on gift shopping as early as possible! This is a time where you need to weigh several peoples’ likes and dislikes and give a lot of thought to what exactly one might like and not like. If you’re drowning with work or studies, this process tends to be a little tough, but do-able, nonetheless! Gift shopping can be made fun if you get your organised and manage time appropriately. Listed below are a few steps you can take to ease the process!

Make a List and a Budget

First, get your notebooks out and make lists your best friend during this time! These lists that you make is what will get you through the entire gift shopping process. Firstly, you need to set out a budget. Setting out a budget can be done either by setting a particular amount for each individual person (which gets tedious) or for friends and family accordingly. Once you set the budget, you can make guesses as to what sort of gifts you can get them that will please them and also that will fit the set budget!

Organise Your Shopping Trips

One you’ve made your list and budget, you need to organise your shopping trips accordingly. This includes the stores you’ll visit and the time you’ll be roughly spending in each one of these stores. It’s vital that you have at least a day off to spend as much time as you can finding the perfect gift! Make sure you take your list with you, and organise your time inside the store. Avoid repeatedly going to same aisle a hundred times, and get whatever it is you’re supposed to at each aisle.


Separate Online Shopping

You need to separate your gifts to two different main categories; online shopping and store shopping. This way you’ll know what you can keep for later and what you need to order as early as possible to get it on time. You’ll have to scroll through online shopping websites such as layby online and jot down all the gifts you can get online, and what you can leave for the store shopping. You’ll find that everything becomes a hundred times easier once you make this separation.

Wrapping and Notes

Once you’ve received the gifts you ordered online and have bought everything you need, it’s time to allocate some time to do the wrapping of the gifts! If you’re a creative person, this is probably the time you look forward to the most as you can experiment several different wrapping styles as you please. Make sure you get beautiful wrapping paper, or if you want to, another fun idea would be to use newspaper to wrap the gifts and use colourful ribbons to make it look more exciting. Don’t forget to attach a note wishing them a happy birthday or merry Christmas!

Let’s hope your gift shopping journey is a smooth one!

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