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Men's Underwear
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Not all men are concerned about the fabric of their underwear. As long as they are still comfortable to wear and have no visible, humiliating holes (if in case they need to strip down to their underwear), men would still wear them. Nothing wrong with choosing underwear based on its comfortability and breathability.

If you think comfortable underwear is something that is only made out of cotton, think again. There are various fabrics and styles for men’s underwear now and if you are bored of the same underwear that you frequently bought, you are in for a treat.


You should have known by now that you must have various underwear for different activities. If this is not the case, then you should start investing now. Men’s underwear made out of jersey is typically for those who are always on the go and is leading an active lifestyle.

If this is not the case for you, you still need to invest in a good pair or two for when you are exercising or you feel like you want to go for a run. Underwear made out of jersey is light and silky with a natural stretch. But not all are created equal so when you go shopping, go for a pair that has more elasticity to support your waist, hips and man-parts while you are working out.


Some men prefer polyester over cotton even if there is not much difference between the two since polyester retains its size and shape longer than cotton. It is also lightweight and breathable without skimping on providing support. Polyester is also 50% thinner and best for when you are wearing tight pants. Although, the obvious advantage that cotton has over polyester is its sweat and moisture absorption capabilities.

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Bamboo is now being used for making clothes because the material is environmentally friendly since this is the fastest growing plant in the world. Because of this, people are feeling less guilty now when shopping. Not only that, bamboo is also odour-resistant because it includes an antibacterial and antifungal bio-agent making it a perfect fabric for bamboo underwear mens. Micro-gaps in bamboo fibres also draw moisture away from the body, making it a moisture-wicking fabric.


Another great fabric for underwears are nylon because of its colour retention which means the colour doesn’t fade quickly. The texture of this material is also smooth and resistant to chafing (which is imperative when it comes to underwear). Nylon underwear is also a wash and wears the type of underwear since it dries quickly and is immune to moisture.


The fabric modal is smooth and silky, making it perfect for lounging and relaxation. Avoid this type of underwear if you would be doing some strenuous activities since it does not provide any support. This could still be worn every day for work or for doing daily tasks or even as a sleepwear.

No one could really tell what is the best fabric for underwears since it would really be depending on your lifestyle and needs. Just make sure to focus on support, breathability and comfort.

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