5 Aromas That Will Help You Relax

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In this day and age, it is quite possible to become mentally unstable if you do not find the time to finally relax and unwind. The world is constantly moving fast and we move just as rapidly with it. But sometimes we all need a break from the chaotic lifestyle way too many of us have grown accustomed to.

You need the time to re-energize, revitalize and recoup. If you have some trouble distressing and getting your mind out of that worry clutter, aromatherapy could be the answer you have been looking for. Here are 5 scents that can help you unwind:

1.      Rosemary

No, I’m not talking about the Rosemary next door. You may have cooked with this one before though. The fragrance of rosemary is truly as alluring as it is relaxing. You can easily purchase a rosemary-scented candle, light it up and go into your peaceful state of mind. If you have been feeling overwhelmed and lethargic lately, surround yourself with the sweet fragrance of rosemary and relax!

2.      Lavender

Now this one is a definite best seller! This scent is known as the epitome of relaxation and for good reason too. The lavender scent is known to have soothing properties which can help in relieving tension and provide a calmness many people are desperately looking for.

That hit of lavender is probably all you need to completely unwind and come into calmness. You could even go for an essential oil diffuser and fill your environment with the beautiful scent of lavender as soon as you come home from work.

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3.       Jasmine

No wonder Aladdin fell in love with a Jasmine. Who wouldn’t when the scent is known for its unique floral scent that gives you a sense of calm you have been looking for your entire life! If you’re feeling down and out and need something to help you get your mind back on track and relaxed, some jasmine oil or even scented candles could help you get there. Don’t fall into the 100 thoughts a minute trap and take it one step at a time with each whiff of Jasmine.

4.      Vanilla

I mean, YUM! We all know the absolutely delightful smell of vanilla extract when baking, does it not give you a streak of happiness? You probably haven’t heard it before, but vanilla is not only good for cooking, it has plenty of calming properties. It is a mild base scent that can help you unwind. If you love that fresh bakery smell, this is the fragrance for you to try out!

5.      The Sea Breeze

The ocean is known for its almost divine power in calming any living thing. If you want to carry the scent of beautiful beaches into your home, the sea breeze is the way to go. There is nothing like starting your day with the fresh ocean air to get your mind at ease before heading into another hectic day at work. You could even come back home to begin relaxing again while imagining yourself floating around the ocean air. Truly, could there ever be a better scent?

It’s time to enter into the world of relaxation and aromatherapy. When your mind is at peace, no matter how messy life can get you can conquer the day!

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