How To Tackle Misunderstandings with Your Partner

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Being a couple one cannot say they don’t fight. Misunderstandings may be present in a relationship but it is how one tackles them determines how the relationship progress. The main thing when it comes to solving misunderstanding between couples is to communicate in the proper way.

Communication is the key

The two persons in a relationship may have different personalities and expectation, what you may have thought as not a big deal might have hurt the other person. Just because you are married you shouldn’t think you know everything about the other person. Therefore, when there is a misunderstanding, you need to listen attentively to what your partner has to say.

Sometimes your partner may non verbally communicate too be attentive to that as well for example, you may ask your partner out for dinner and although she or he may say yes, their facial expression might suggest otherwise, pay attention to these, this way you can avoid arguments.


relationships counselling sydney
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Identify your feeling

There may be times when you might feel a certain way about your partner,you can be pissed or angry or generally upset and, in most cases, you want to push these feelings away but this does more harm than good. First acknowledge your feeling and admit it to yourself.

Share what you feel with your partner

Once you have realized what your feeling is, share it with your partner. If you want your partner to understand you better you need to be a bit open about your feeling. Your partner loves and cares about you therefore he or she would be understanding and try to help you.

When you are communicating your feelings with your partner make sure to be nice, don’t use harsh words like you are horrible or anything that is mean. Sit down with him or her and slowly communicate in a beautiful manner. If there are certain issues which you cannot fix by telling someone you can get help from a professional. For this you can attend relationships counselling Sydney has many such centres.

Talk to your partner in a nice tone

It is very easy to start yelling when you are angry. To prevent escalation of the situation and to not hurt each other try using a calm voice. There may be times when you will find yourself losing your temper at these times adopt a calming exercise like closing your eyes and breathing. If you lose your temper, you will find it difficult to communicate with your partner

Stay on the present issue

You would have engaged in this conversation based on what happened recently therefore don’t generalize and talk about topics that might have happened in the past or pulling something else that they lack.

Apologize if needed

Maybe something you have said may have been interpreted some other way so listen to your partner and if there has been some miscommunication you have to correct that. After your conversation reflect on the things that occurred and if you find there has been mistake on your side don’t hesitate to apologize.

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